Thursday, May 14, 2015

When Did THAT Happen?

I was hanging a wet washcloth to dry on the railing above the tub and had a flashback to a railing filled with wet underpants.  It was during the "Three Day Potty Training" when Liam turned 3.  I remember how worried I was that Liam's communication delay would make it hard for him to follow the directions.  Day one,  we used 18 pairs of underpants.  Day two, we used 8, Day three, we used one.  It worked!
A three-year-old Liam, self decorated with a Blues Clue

Today I watched my nearly 9 year old dash to the bathroom to answer the call of nature without hesitation and get ready to meet another challenge - taking a bath by himself.  Getting his hair all wet has always been tricky.  Although we recently installed a detachable shower head, so he could hold it and wet/rinse his hair, he still perfers to wash it in the tub, so I've been pushing him to follow all of the steps himself.  And today, he did it.  Yes, I had hang out and remind him of WHAT to do, but he managed it by himself.
Nearly nine and enjoying "foamy gloves" in the tub

And, how did we get to the end of a school year so fast?  On Monday, Liam reached 100% completion on his ST Math program.  He's still enjoying doing the "Challenge" lessons until we switch to the fourth grade curriculum on July 1st.  Lessons on BrainPop Jr. and BrainPop ESL continue on and I even catch him logging on his free time to play the games and re-watch favorite video lessons.  Wasn't it just the day before yesterday when I was worried we wouldn't have enough materials to work with?

Today, we needed to pick out new frames for his glasses and he easily answered the saleswoman's questions and had very strong opinions about which frames he liked (the black ones).

I'm looking forward to a day in the future when he dissapears into the bathroom and emerges clean and dry and I'll wonder again, "when did THAT Happen?"

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