Friday, June 26, 2015

Homeschool Summer Camp

I was digging around for a camp that might interest Liam, while still working with our extended homeschool model.  I found the perfect thing in (  The site itself is a series of self-directed skills with different challenges.  Kids can pick a skill, complete the challenge and then upload a picture or a video of what they've done. Other kids can watch and comment and they can even earn virtual badges (or shell out for real ones), like in Scouts.

To support the fantstic free site, they started offering 4 week, online camps.  You pick a camp and each day a video appears with a demonstration or a challenge from the councelor.  Kids complete challenges or post questions and the councelor will answer/comment.  They can also see and comment on each other's work.  Camps run for 4 weeks. The first camp is $10 and then it's only $40/month after that.  I signed Liam up for Stop-Motion camp and he's been having a blast!  Here are some of his films:

This one was done with a friend!

In addition to Camp videos, Liam has been really into the Sesame Street parodies of movies and TV shows.  He's done a few of his own, based on his love of the Spiffy Pictures (Jack's Big Music Show) and Noggin logos:

The Stop Motion Camp is finishing this week.  I think we'll do the Music Camp next!

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