Monday, January 18, 2016

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth (or keyboard) Is

Today is MLK Jr. Day.  I had planned to do a little math then we all have a family errand to run.  I also thought we'd start out watching a video about MLK to touch base on the meaning of the day. 

The time came to invite Liam to the table to begin and I saw him halfway through animating a funny video, copying things he liked on YouTube and re-creating everything from scratch in VideoPad.  I was so blown away by how good the work was, that I realized I needed to let him finish it.  If I was knee-deep in a creative project, I would resent being yanked away to do math "right now, just because."  We can do it later.  Create now.  Unschooling is letting the kid follow his passions to learn and hone new skills.

So here it is.  The dialogue is odd, in part, because I think he mis-heard the original and didn't seem to feel any need to correct it.  There are dozens of elements here including voice-over and lip sync.  This is "PBS."  This is excellent.

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