Friday, July 8, 2016

Isn't it Romantic?

With Band Camp over, it's time to find another focus and, just in time, DIY announced it's relaunch of their popular courses.  Liam took two stop-motion and one special effects course when it was called "DIY Camps."  Now, as "JAM," ( they're relaunching with what looks like an even tighter program with online monitors who comment on posts and encourage the kids (we had to fix our intro video because mentioning our city was in violation of their safety policy - good catch, guys!).  We're taking an animation course run by an animator from Cartoon Network.

At first, I thought it would be cool to have Liam write out everything he would say for his introduction and other posts and read it like a teleprompter.  It worked, but he was a little stiff. I reverted to an interview style in helping Liam post his videos, since linear thinking is tough for him.  We had to restart a few times when the interview strayed too far from topic.  On one of the last passes, as we were discussing his favorite characters, Liam revealed, much to my surprise, that his favorite part of most of the movies he'd seen were the boyfriend/girlfriend relationships!  I dared to ask if he liked someone and he said, "yes!"  I will not reveal his crush, but it made me smile.

He also showed that he was pretty well aware of the major plot lines in the films (if not the minor ones).  It's not surprising that a 10 yr. old would like girls, but since Liam never talks ABOUT anyone or anything, I never knew his secret love of romantic themes.

Of course, as I write this, he's staging a major battle to the death in Blocksworld.  Boys are funny like that.  You never know what they're thinking!  Oh, and if you were wondering how Rock Band Camp worked out, you can see the mini concert they gave for friends and family here:  Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll!

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