Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Beautiful, Rainy Day

Today, it finally rained in Southern California.  It's such an unusual treat.  Liam emerged from his room, looked out the front window and announced, "It's a beautiful rainy day.  Let's go play in the rain. I'll use the umbrella to keep us dry."

So Liam and his dad took out umbrellas and headed out into the light, but steady rain.  I watched them dissapear around the corner.

 I wandered into Liam's room and saw this on his computer screen:

 Then Liam tromped through the dirt lawn, turned to mud by the water.  Mud is another rare curiosity.  After a time, they trudged onto the porch and took off their wet shoes and boots.  "Hey Liam - do you want to walk in the mud barefoot?  I'll go with you!"  Liam hesitated a moment, but followed his dad and the two of them chased each other in big circles through the mud.
 They didn't bother to grab the umbrellas and the now intermittant rain slowly soaked their hair and jackets.  It was glorious.

I left a roasing pan of warm water, a washcloth and a towel on the porch.   Tomorrow, we start "learning at home with Mom and Dad."

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