Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Star of the Show

So, I mentioned that my son is fun.  The amazing thing is that pretty much every person who has ever worked with him - even the kids in his class, love him.  He's easy to like.  He may be the most natrually chill, content person I've ever met.  And he laughs easily at simple, silly things.  His teachers had a hard time telling him not to laugh in class because his laugh is so infectious.  His sense of humor is mischivious and totally 8 yrs. old.  Notice his answer to question #3 on the quiz about mountain ranges.
And here we have a self-portrait, with a booger and commentary.  For some reason, Liam always draws himself with a dark mohawk.

This is what he actually looks like - and what he can do with a stop-motion program and some clay.

And here's another stop-motion animation countdown drawn on the whiteboard in his room.  Sometimes he picks out tunes by ear on the piano.  

Usually all it takes is pointing him in the right direction and he's autodidactic - well with art, music and computer programs, anyway.  So when we start from a place of competence, this is part of where we start.  There's more - so much more.  

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