Sunday, December 7, 2014

Calling Dr. Butler

Today, Liam has had an explosion of imaginary play, probably linked to his new, favorite show, "Dr. Chris: Pet Vet" and his own recent trip to the doctor, where he got a flu shot.

This morning he dragged out several stuffed animals for a clinic, giving them all flu shots.  Later he arranged them on the couch and recreated a classroom scene he found on YouTube where he gives out "behavior" cards.  After lunch, I found a crew settled around the dining room table.

I just walked in on him tucking Widget from "Wow, Wow Wubzy" into bed, giving her a flu shot and an exam and treating her for a tummy ache.

Pretend play has been a long time coming.  Usually it's scripted bits from different shows (as with the behavior cards).  But in playing Doctor Butler, he seems to be pulling lots of ideas together and even having the patients talk back to him.  It's great to watch him learning, growing and having fun.

In the afternoon, Liam and his dad walked to the grocery store, practicing focus at intersections.  He's grown used to relying on the person crossing with him to cue when to cross.  We're working on raising his own awareness - crucial for future indepenent mobility. 

On to week two. 

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