Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where Are We?

Part of our plan is to come from where Liam is now - not where he "should" be or where everyone else is at his age, but where he actually is right now.  In trying to bridge the gaps in comprehension, we're working with subjects he already knows.  Here he's creating a storyboard for an episode of a TV show that is his favoite, "Dr. Chris Pet Vet."
While he did manage to finish it, it took more pompting than I wanted.  My take away from it was - try it again but,narrow the focus and simplify the choices so he thinks more for himself, which is the ultimate goal.

Today we had a chance to play in some more puddles. He was actually disappointed that the rain had stopped.  I said it would start again soon.  "What does "soon" mean?" he asked.  Good question!
On a walk with his Dad the other day, they found a dead squirrel.  Liam has known about death since one of our cats died about 2 years ago, but he had never seen a dead body before.  He struggled with this idea.  "The squirrel is an animal toy.  The squirrel is an object," he said, dismayed.  It seems that having more space and time allows his own thoughts and voice to come through more clearly.

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