Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Decisions, Decisions

Liam has great balance and long legs.  We've looked for a while for a sport/activity that he might enjoy that would help him develop those strengths.  We tried Taikwando, and while the instructor was extremely patient, Liam had a lot of trouble focusing with so many other kids in class - also - he doesn't like to hit things!

Last Summer, we joined some friends on the beach for a birthday party and Liam started running along the beach.  While we knew he enjoyed running at school, we had never seen this kind of speed and form.  It gave me an idea.  In February, Liam will begin training in Track with the Special Olympics.

We just got the schedule of trainings and upcoming meets and the very first meet conflicted with the big, Harry Potter themed, Adventure Camp Weekend in Cub Scouts.  It was time to make a decision.  We'd been weighing our involvment with Cub Scouts for some time.  Liam likes the predictable ceremonies, but shows little or no interest in the other activities or his fellow Scouts.

John and I decided to pull the plug on Liam's Scouting adventure after his final big Pack event - the Pinewood Derby.  Even though he had to be led and prompted during most occasions in Scouts, he had some fun, especially on hikes or outdoors.  Here are a few fun moments.  We have been invited by the Pack leader to join the Pack any time in the future, which was a very kind gesture.  Liam's best friend from school is still in Scouts and we'll stay connected through him.  As a family, we'll continue with our favorite activity -  hiking and Liam will keep on running!

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