Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scoring and Slipping

Today we finally got to play with the clay.  But first - a trip to the dentist.  Our last trip had gone really well.  They got the first x-rays of his mouth and the doctor did an exam without a meltdown.  Today there was a bit of back-sliding.

The Dentist found a stain between his teeth and so we tried his first cleaning.  
At first, there was no way anybody was putting that spinning polisher in his mouth.  Then we let HIM do it (without the spinning).  The dentist left to see another patient but was OK with me working with Liam with a mirror and the polisher to try to get him to tolerate it.  It was just too weird.  In the end, he did rub his teeth with it, with the power off and the Dentist sent me home with a small container of polish to try at home.  Not bad.

We stopped off at Rite Aid and found a Mario Brothers Spin Brush.  I plan to mix his toothpaste with the polish and he can be in charge of making the spot go away.  That's the plan, anyway.

When we got home, it was time to make good on my promise of a clay lesson.  I watched YouTube videos and chatted with my talented, sister-in-law who teaches clay art to kids in Oregon.  We made sculptures of Jake, the cat.  
 Liam's cat is an adorable little character, while mine looks a little annoyed at having been created.  Liam's hungry to do more.  I contacted a local art teacher who offers kids classes and privates in sculpture and pottery.  I think it'd be fun to really learn how to sculpt and I wonder what Liam would think of a pottery wheel.

Tomorrow, we'll join the kids at Riverside Drive's Super School program in the painting and drawing class for the beginning of a 6 week session.  Liam's been talking about it for a few days - which is rare - so I know he's excited.  As much as I love art and teaching, It's nice to have a break and let someone else be the teacher for a little while!

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